Minnesota 10 Plants Youth Challenge Winners!

Winners in the 10 Plants Youth Challenge have been selected. Pictured above from the left are Mary Meyer, U of M professor, contest organizer; Hannah Nordlund, Keoni Wong, Isabella Doyle, Hunter Fernholz, Isabella Ebbighauser, and Mikayla Fernholz.

The 10 Plants Challenge was an educational contest with the goal of engaging youth throughout the state to learn and appreciate the impact of the 10 Plants that have had changed Minnesota.

Congratulations to the Winners:
Apples,  Ages 13-17
Name                          Age     Prize               Title of Activity
Celeste Nosow            17          1st               Flora Facts: Top 10 Plants of Minnesota game

Mikayla Fernholz       15          2nd               Plants Changing Minnesota website

Hunter Fernholz        14          3rd (tie)      Minnesota’s 10 Plants action game

Keoni Wong                 15          3rd (tie)      Top 10 Plants Presentation and word search

Saplings, Ages 12 and under

Name                          Age                 Prize               Title of Activity
Isabella Ebbighausen  8                      1st          Bella Printable game

Isabella Doyle               9                      2nd          Raceking 10 Plants game

Hannah Nordlund       10                    3rd         10 Plants that Changed Minnesota board game


2012 10 Plants Freshman Seminar:

The first 10 Plants Class, U of MN, 2012

The first 10 Plants Class, U of MN, 2012

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