• Judged By a Panel of Experts

    Plants were judged by their impact - both positive and negative - in six areas.

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  • Drum Roll, Please!

    Out of over 100 different plants, the top 10 were chosen.

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  • Alfalfa

    Only with winter hardy alfalfa could dairies be profitable in Minnesota.

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  • American Elm

    Though ravaged by Dutch elm disease, this beautiful shade tree, native throughout the state, still graces many streets and landscapes today.

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  • Wild Rice

    A staple food of the Ojibwe for centuries, the location of wild rice determined early human settlement in Minnesota.

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  • White Pine

    White pine forests once covered more than 3.5 million acres in Minnesota, but today cover less than 100,000.

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  • Corn

    Valued at $7 billion annually, corn covers 7.3 million acres in Minnesota, making the state fourth in U.S. production.

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  • Turf and Lawn Grass

    From a sea of prairie grass to a sea of green carpet, turf and lawn grasses – predominately Kentucky bluegrass – have transformed Minnesota’s landscape.

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  • Soybeans

    Valued at $3 billion annually, soybeans cover 7.3 million acres in Minnesota.

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  • Life Changing Plants

    Which plants changed Minnesota and transformed how we live today?

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Without further ado,
the Top 10 Plants that changed Minnesota are...

Top 10 Plants